Posted by: Anita Montgomery | January 21, 2011


I think the time has come to “back up” and tell you a little about me! After all to read someone’s blog you need to know who they are, right!? Some of you know me, some of you are just getting to know me! Either way you most likely have come to realize I am very “Transparent” yes, with a capital “T” to emphasize just how transparent, I can sometimes be!  To some that does not come as a surprise at all, to others, maybe so?

Why am I transparent, because that’s just how God made me, often it is a risk, and believe me I’ve paid the price many times. However, each time God has taught me much! Often as I read scriptures, I feel that Jesus was very transparent too, with the peope He related too! I just thought of an analogy here, sometimes God speaks to my heart with a picture, well I just saw a roll of transparent tape. Think about it for a minute, you can see right through it and it sticks to you! Hmmm…that’s just a bit of how I would describe myself. You can see through me and watch out, I just might stick to you!

Okay, why would I say that… because I think people learn from my transparency, letting them see through me and my learning experiences, both good and not so good. If I don’t stick to them in the form of follow through, then I am not being obedient. Make sense?

I am also a follower of Jesus, a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and most of this we will talk about later. One little hidden tip though, why the name neneknita in my email & blogging address? Because one of our granddaughters, Alice, who is now 5 lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Thus, nenek is grandma in Indonesian and nita, is short for my name, Anita. So there ya go!

So here is your homework and mine too, let’s ask ourselves are we transparent enough for others to see Jesus in us and learn from our life experiences, and if so, do we offer to stick with others and follow through? If not, why not? In His word He tells us in 1 Samuel 15:22 “To obey is better than sacrifice”.

After all we may be the only Bible others see, think about it? Are you a Bible in your family, with your friends,  in your neighborhood, workplace, marketplace, et cetera? Let’s obey and not sacrifice!

Anyone want to join me in being obedient, transparent and sticky?


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