Posted by: Anita Montgomery | January 25, 2011


I woke up this morning with so many blogging ideas the Lord laid on my heart! Here I go with one of them, while I’m on a roll!  

I felt the Lord saying this to me, as I laid in bed ” if I give you the word LOVE, and you could only use one word to describe each letter and where you are in this season of your life, what would that word be? I started reflecting, first on God’s timing of the word LOVE, why of course, Valentines Day is coming right up, so why not get started thinking “love thoughts”!  Afterall, I decorated our home Valentines Style right after the Christmas decorations came down.

This is what God showed me as I pondered the letters in L.O.V.E. , remembering He said, one word only for each of those letters…

is Lead

O  is Obedience

V is Value

E is Encourage

That’s where God has me in this season of my life, if you asked me why, here are my brief answers to be elongated on in future blogs!

LEAD:  although I do not see myself as a leader, in any shape or form, I don’t even desire to lead, often this is just the way God uses me. I share that with great humility.

OBEDIENCE:  that one is really simple, if you read my previous blog, to obey is better than sacrifice. That’s where God has me in this season of my life. When I don’t obey, I really feel the consequences, ugh!

VALUE:  as my mom journeyed to Jesus,  I was right with her, it taught me a lot! We can never take back a week, day, hour or second! We all say, yeah, I know that, but do we really? I didn’t! Now I do and I am learning to value every day of my life in a new way. God is revealing many things to me as I do. More on that later too!

ENCOURAGE:  if you could describe me in one word, it probably would be “encourager”.  I love to be a behind the scenes “cheerleader” for all He sends my way! That’s just how He made me…infact my parents used to say, and Dad still does, “we wanted a football team and got a cheerleader for Jesus”!

Once again, you have learned a little more about me, remember as I shared before, I am “transparent”!  I would love to learn a little bit more about you, that’s just how God begins his networking of people! Could you take a few minutes, reflect on the word LOVE and how you can use L.O.V.E. to describe you, in this season of your life. Then could you post those 4 words in a comment to me. I’d LOVE to get to know you better, He would too!

With His Love!



  1. enjoying your blogs! Keep the encouraging words coming!

    • Thanks ever so sweet Stacy! I am such a non “techie” when it comes to more than basic stuff. This is truly because He encouraged me to GO FOR IT!
      Trusting HIM all the way as I do! Miss you, love you too!

  2. L. Lead

    O. Obey

    V. Vent

    E. Enjoy

    • Thanks Jenny…I so see this, in this season of your life, thanks for sharing! Love ya sweet friend! oxoxox

  3. L – Listen
    O – Observe
    V – Vitality
    E – Enthusiastic

    Thank you for following God’s direction with these Blogs – I have enjoyed reading them!

    Love ya!

  4. L – Lumpy :o)
    O – Occupied
    V – Valuable
    E – Excited!

    This really made me think!

    • You are so cute with your “lumpy” for L, you made me lol! I loved your “lumpy” look last night and your “glowing” look of value & excitement too! Occupied, yes, you are prepping as you add #4 to your already precious family! Love you!

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