Posted by: Anita Montgomery | January 31, 2011

Mini Retreat

It’s been on my heart, to just reflect a bit, about our 24 hours away this weekend. I am usually not one to slow down, but when special friends invite us to join them at their property, an 1 1/2 away, we are always ever so blessed. That’s just what happened this past Friday and Saturday.

Our guys headed out before us, then we joined them late Friday evening. We were greeted by them ready to escort us, via the ATV’s they were riding. As we headed down road, to the property, they had an amazing fire awaiting us. We sat around the fire sharing special conversation and were all intrigued, as we watched the logs burn, and keep us warm. All that to say, when is the last time you sat fireside and just enjoyed conversation with friends? What a blessing, so relaxing too. That’s just what we wanted to happen!

After a nights sleep we awakened, once again, to build a morning fire. One we sat by and shared a time of devotions one to another. Interestingly, both devotions we shared just happened to be about “peace”, and as God would have it we felt so peaceful in God’s creation! Too often we take the outdoors for granted, but this day we didn’t! It felt so right!

Later we enjoyed breakfast our guys cooked, ate it fireside too, ever so yummy! Food always seems to taste better in the outdoors. As we tasted it, we also could see and taste God’s goodness all around us!

Sometime after that we took a journey via ATV’s, again savoring God’s creation! We even spotted an alligator sunning himself,  he didn’t have a care in the world, that was, until one of our guys got off the ATV and that big guy took a quick splash forward diving head first into the canal. Guess we disturbed him, how often do others disturb us, when we want to just lay back in the sun? Or better yet, when is the last time you sunned yourself?

I so needed this “mini retreat” a time away, just to reflect on God, his work, his creation and friend time. For me my favorites spots have always been in front of  the fire, or by the water.  I see God in them both. So love that! This time we even got to have two fires, which doubled my R & R time! How awesome was that!? Very!

Okay now for a few questions:

1. When is the last time you took a mini retreat, if not, why not?

2. Where can you go to relax and have a sense of God’s creation?

3. Who are your close friends, that you can just be real with?

4. If you can’t answer any of the above … seek God for a mini retreat,  just for you! You are well overdue!

I’m giving God thanks for my 24 hours, through special friends He provided just that! He also will provide for you, ask Him!

And when you do, be blessed!

Heartfelt thoughts,



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