Posted by: Anita Montgomery | February 2, 2011

Things I Love…

In continuing my journey with each of you, since today is February the 1st, with  Valentines Day 13 days away, I felt  it might be fun to share some of the things I love!  You can continue to get better acquainted with me … and me with you!

My top ten things are, using only one word: (with the givens being God/Church & Family) next would be and not necessarily in any order:

1. Friends

2. Networking

3. Mentoring

4. Decorating

5. Creating

6. Shopping

7. Eating

8. Partying

9. Beaching

10. Starbucking

 I’d love to know more about what you love too, if you’d like to share your top 10, or only a few!

Heartfelt thoughts,




  1. friends, sleeping, reading, my dogs, Bible study, mountains, Ashville S.C. when the leaves turn colors, Starbucks, singing, little children singing about Jesus

    • Missed this Jenny, so sorry. Decided I needed to brush up with my blogging skills today, before I forget lol! And as I do I see your favorite things, I so love them all, they just made my heart smile really big, I love you too!

  2. Love them all Jenny, thanks for sharng, what fun to continue to connect in this special way! Love ya! oxoxox

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