Posted by: Anita Montgomery | April 18, 2011


I’m back! After a few friends have asked, where is my blog and have encouraged me to get back to it, here I am. My thoughts may be a bit jumbled, as the past few weeks we have journeyed with our Lord, through some transitioning. I am still not on target, but in His time!

Right now, I could turn what I am about to share into a book with many chapters, but am giving you a brief overview. Why? Because the Lord is asking me through friends to be obedient, take some time out of my busy day, as someone out there just might need to be encouraged, so here I go!

Over 30 days ago we began a prayer journey, the results were amazing. Here’s the concept, we can only do the possible, but God can do the impossible, that’s just what He did for my Dad, my husband and for me. Divine intervention took place after my precious Christian Dad, was told by his 5th doctor, that he needed to be in an assisted living facility, he needed 24/7 care, someone always would need to be with him. Within that week, only HE could have ordered our steps.

We looked at 3 facilities and then Dad wanted to go back and look at one a second time, during that visit, he wanted to put down a deposit. We talked more with him and he with us, sweet, precious conversations. God so moved on his heart! My dear father shared with us, that he realized it was time for us to visit our children and grandchildren, it was time for us to travel as he and my Mom used to do at our age. With that he made his decision, I am ready to do this, and it truly was his decision, not ours.

The move began, friends helped and are still helping, what a blessing! We could not have done it without them! God is faithful!

Transisitons have begun, not only is Dad transitioning, but so are we. This past Saturday night Dad wanted to have a party to give thanks to his friends and some of ours for showing him love this past year, as his life took a dramatic change, when my Mom journeyed to be with Jesus, one year ago yesterday. All of our lives in this home dramatically changed. Now one year later, more changes are taking place, as the Lord is again showing each of us His faithfulness, His mercies are new every morning.

We honored Mom Saturday night as we celebrated her 1st year in heaven with music, sweet fellowship, a time of sharing as well as honoring Dad with his time of transition. His new home is awesome, only God could have given him what seems to be a mini version of his own little mansion here on earth. Presidetial Place in Hollywood, Florida, is just what God picked out for him. God has even confirmed it in amazing ways! To Him be the glory, great things He has done!

Only God could put Dad back in the same neighborhood, where they first lived when they moved here over 40 years ago, he is most comfortable being back in familiar surroundings. He is so loved by many there. He has a new meaning and purpose in life as he reaches out to and has become a blessing to many of the residents there. We are so proud of Dad and this new season in his life, God has him on a new journey at age 87, way to go Dad! He always tells others, he and Mom wanted a football team, but got a cheerleader, he says “a cheerleader for Jesus”. So here I am still cheering him on!

Jack and I, too, are transistioning, as when we moved back to South Florida in 2007, Dad and Mom asked us to move in with them, to give them some assistance etc. Things feel different now, the house feels empty, yet we know God has a plan to fill it with His continued love and for His glory, it is His home, not Dad’s and not ours. Our plan is to use it as He leads, as we continue to serve others in our environment and Dad in his. As we each transition, our homes will be for His glory, not ours!

I pray if you are in a time of transition, you might see how God has walked with us through our journey, He too, is walking with you through yours!

Great is His Faithfulness, His mercies are new every morning!

Be blessed in your journey, whatever it might be and wherever it might take you!

With His Love,




  1. Oh Anita, what a precious gem you are. Transitions such as this are so hard on families, and so many of us have been praying for all of you. Your dad will always be “my boyfriend”, as your mom so graciously dubbed him all those years ago, as you and Jack are my sister and brother. Many more prayers in the days to come as you all adjust to the new “now”. Love you!

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