Posted by: Anita Montgomery | April 29, 2011


While here in Orlando the past few days, I keep hearing the word “Transition”. I even heard it at our Harvest Network Gathering and God keeps laying this on my heart over and over again, personally and in other areas too.

I was under great conviction to blog this morning before my day moves on, so am being obedient to do so.

I am sensing that those of you that might read this are also in a time of “transition” for one reason or the other. Transition is good, it allows us time to pray, reflect and seek God’s will in the next season of our life. Hearing His will for this transition time is the key, we must be still, know that He is God and ask Him, what does He will for us. That’s just what I am doing, I don’t want to miss Him!

As we all have seen on the news or have even found personally in our lives, we don’t know what the future holds, nor the next day … tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, on and on. Only He knows the day and the hour. I want each day to count for Him, I know you do too!

If you are transitioning as I am, seek God with all your heart as to just how your transition might look, that’s what I am doing this very day.

Let me leave you with this scripture as you reflect and pray … Proverbs 3:5&6.

May your transition be a grace filled, joy filled, Jesus filled one!

Let’s trust Him together!



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