Posted by: Anita Montgomery | July 16, 2011

Change …

Obedience again … at 5:22 a.m, I woke right up and the Lord spoke many things to my heart. When this happens my sense is not only is it for me, but maybe for someone else too. So here I am.

Since April, our family has gone through many changes. I have been talking to God about this and asking what is He trying to show us through this all. This morning He told me. So here goes …

April  17th  of 2010, my mother made her journey to Jesus … change.

April 5th of 2011, my Dad made the decision he was ready to move to assisted living … change.

July 3rd, 2011, our youngest son made his move to Stephens Point, Wisconsin, to serve as Athlectic Director there … change.

July 14th, 2011, our oldest son and family made their move to Bali … change.

August ?, 2011 our daughter-in-love and 2 precious granddaughters will join our younger son, as they move into their new home … change.

As you can see, that’s lots of change of one family, in a short amount of time. As I have talked to the Lord about this, He is now giving me some answers. That is, if I am hearing Him correctly. I will simply list a few. Since I am very transparent, maybe some of them will also speak to your heart too.

1. Change is healthy, we get in a rut and take much for granted that God does for us on a daily basis.

2. Change, encourages us to go to Him through prayer.

3. Change, builds more trust in Him. Proverbs 3: 5-6

4. Change, allows us to look at things through a new perspective, the way He would like us too.

5. Change, puts us in a new environment, to be used by Him.

I could have a “super” long list, but will stop with these five. More importantly how are these changes affecting me personally. Another list for you …

1. To give Him thanks, as I truly prayed about each these changes before they even took place, God’s will.

2. As a daughter of my parents and parent of my children, to release my family to the Lord and let Him work in their lives.

3. I asked for Him, to give me perfect peace about each decision my family made. His will was being done.

4. What does this mean for my husband and I?

a. My Dad is being given skilled care, we can now visit our family and do our Harvest Network International ministry.

b. We are now able to make some changes to the condo Dad has blessed us with and make it our home.

c. We can be more available for ministry here locally.

d. We can be a couple again, that God called us to be.

e. We can do more outreach to many.

f.  We have more time for the Lord and each other, that is what’s most important.

As God spoke to my heart this morning, I also had a sense that “change” will continue in 2011 and on into 2012, as to what I have no idea, only He does and will show us in His time. He is faithful! Til’ then I (we) will press on serving Him, just as He shows us to do! For that I give thanks!

What does change mean to you? Are you trusting Him?

If not, why not?

Take some time to be still and know that He is God!

My heart is changing, yours can too!

In Him, With Him and Through Him …



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