Posted by: Anita Montgomery | September 19, 2011

Being Obedient

So here I am back, it seems like it’s been a very long time and it has. With that said, this blog is about obedience and often what goes with it. That word keeps coming to me over and over again. Here’s why …

Yesterday marked a special day in our life, a new church, a Fall Re-Launch. One that we are now delighted to be a part of out of obedience. You ask why, here is the answer, right from scripture.

1 Timothy 4:14 “Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.”

In our past church of a year, we were unable to use our gifts, after 6 weeks of prayer, the Lord directed and confirmed where we were to be. Yet in our flesh we would not see ourselves there, you ask why? This precious body of believers are mostly 2nd generation Hispanics, age 30 and under. We are twice their age, we do not speak Spanish (although they do speak English) but this is exactly where God wants us to use our gifts as we serve Him, in yet another season. We are honored to be there, yesterday was one more confirmation with the re-launch.

Why do I say that, our obedience is being confirmed over and over again. We were blessed to meet the staff from their supporting church. We immediately fell in love with each of them, one more confirmation! As we shared heart to heart, I could see like mindedness, the way we think, the way Our Father leads and a true bonding and binding, ministry couple to couple, leader to leader. This precious group of people will never know just how much their support in visiting yesterday, to support this re-launch not only meant to the church, but also to me in a very personal way. My heart deeply thanks them all!

I needed to feel God’s stamp of approval one more time, as this act of obedience came with a void in my heart. A void I know God will fill again. It meant leaving a precious group of friends, it meant a long drive, it meant being in a different community physically and making new friends emotionally. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, as you have listened to God and been obedient, other changes come. I have no doubt you have, whether it been with a physical move, a change of jobs, churches, etc. In doing so we are stretched, we are uncomfortable at the beginning, we are unfamiliar with how things work and the like. Yet God calls us to obedience, it’s a way of life when we are walking with Him and following His word for our lives.

For me it feels like not only did the church have a Fall Re-launch yesterday, but I am having a Fall Re-launch in my personal life. To be honest in the past few years, I have gone through many re-launches. Some have been easier than others, yet in each one I have had to learn to totally trust and depend on Him. If not, there would have been many consequences.

In closing let me make this analogy, today I plan to re-launch our house for Fall,  just as He is re-launching me for this new Fall season in my life. In the natural the leaves fall from the trees, then they begin to change into beautiful colors, but later what happens in the Spring, the branches form new leaves and newness springs up around us. I am now in that Fall season too, I can’t wait to see my obedience to Him form new colors in my life and as it does I know the next thing that will happen is more newness when those leaves again turn green. My personal Spring!

You are probably asking, but didn’t you forget a season, yes I did. That season between my Fall and Spring, the one we call Winter, is when I believe God is going to be speaking ever so directly to me, I am super excited! He has to speak to me so I once again, might find my “Spring”, the one He has planned just for me. I have no doubt He has one planned for you too!

If you are also in a time of re-launching, please feel free to join me on my adventure, one in which I might pray for you. You can do so by leaving a comment here. I love hearing others re-launch stories too! Let’s look forward to our personal Fall, Winter, and Spring together!

May He super bless you this very day in your obedience and re-launch for Him!



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