Posted by: Anita Montgomery | December 9, 2011


Today has been a day of many reflections for me, one being priorties. Even as I write this my eyes are filled with tears, why, because I realize my priorities are not in the right order. That’s my biggest goal for 2012, I feel led to not wait, but start right now.

In a matter of hours our family that lives in Bali will board a plane and travel our way, only a Mom can know how much that means. It’s been over 1 1/2 years since we have seen them, our son, daughter-in-love and 6 year old granddaughter too. That’s way too long for a Mom’s heart, but family circumstances prevented us from joining together prior to this. A week later our Wisconsin family, another son, daughter-in-love and two granddaughters, 5 & 3 will also be joining us, along with my husband’s only sibling that arrives two days later. Add my Dad to that and you have us all!

So where am I going with this, it quite simple, priorities is the word!  God, family, church, friends and all else follows. For me personally, I have sometimes failed in spending the right amount of time on each of these categories, that is my personal goal, not just for today, but for the rest of my life. A very important ongoing one!

In the busyness of the season I can see how easy it is to get lost in the “hustle and bustle”, but this year I refuse (yep, a strong word) to let it happen. After all, I am the only one that can make that choice. But it not just about this holiday season, it’s about the whole season of my life I am presently in. It’s a choice I am choosing to make. I will be spending less time in some areas and more in others. That’s what I am presently in the process of doing … reflecting, praying, searching His word and asking for His direction on my “Priority Journey”.

As I do, let me end with a link I just shared Facebook style … as I line up my priorities I pray that what I have been led to share from the depth of my heart, along with this link encourages you to also line up yours. I’d love to have you join me as I stand in line to see Jesus and welcome all my family to South Florida this Christmas season to stand in line with me! And how bout you … will you and your heart join in too!?!

I’d love to hear your comments so that I might pray for your priorities in this season too!

Standing In His Line,



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