Posted by: Anita Montgomery | January 21, 2012

One of Those Days!

Have you ever had one of those days, the harder you try, the more difficult it seems to press forward? Well, today has been one of those days for me … no matter how hard I try, that dark cloud just wants to follow me. Get behind me satan … I am speaking forth His word for a breakthrough. I have asked friends to pray too.

It is what it is, will it pass, yes it will … that’s the good news. It’s what I choose to do in these next hours that will make a difference, that I know. So I am choosing to blog and let others know I am human just like you. Sometimes it may seem like I have my act together, but being the transparent person I am, that is not always true. The good news is I know what to do.

What are some of those things:

1. Seek God

2. Seek Prayer

3. Seek His Word

4. Seek Wisdom

When these 4 S’s are complete … put it on God’s altar and trust Him, that’s just what I am ready to do, after I complete this blog to each of you.

Writing/Journaling has helped me many times through these past years, blogging is just the updated version. Why do I blog? I blog hoping “my stuff” and my years of experience would bless others and let them know it’s okay to have “One of Those Days”! After all we are not perfect, yet made in His Perfection, therefore it is with Him we can press forward.

I am pressing on this very day, how about you?

Anyone want to join me? If you are having one of those days, leave a comment, I will add my prayers to yours as we all apply those 4 S’s together!

Keep seeking!




  1. Love your transparency, friend. I’ll be praying against your spiritual attack, and you keep praying for me against mine. Maybe together we can drive Satan back into the depths of hell where he belongs!

    • Thanks Jenny … yep, we are sending satan right back where he belongs, that really hot place! Prayers continue for you too!

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