Posted by: Anita Montgomery | March 30, 2012


Good afternoon to y’all, so I am not from the South, but that just came out. I am not sure why I am even blogging today, but God said to do it, so here I am asking HIM why, being still and knowing He is God.

So here is what He is saying to me, after I just spent some time being still, to use the word Obedience and he was would give me a word for each letter and an explanation too:

O … obey

B … behold

E … encourage

D … dream

I … invite

E … enter

N … neglect

C … care

E … everlasting

Now that He has given me these words, let’s see what God is saying to me and to you too. Yes, we are to obey Him and behold Him too. We are to encourage others and help their dreams come true, as well as trust Him for our own. Invite, help  others to know they, too, can invite Him into their heart and that we often need to sit back and reflect on when we invited Him into ours, too. Enter, to enter His gates with Thanksgiving and be a model for others to enter too. Neglect, we are to ask ourselves are we neglecting what He is asking us to do, have we asked Him lately just what that might be? Care, just how much do we really care, or do we just say we do, actions speak louder than words! Everlasting, He is everlasting, but our journey here on earth is not, so what are we going to do while here, awww … walk out our obedience with these words, Obey, Behold, Encourage, Dream, Invite, Enter, Neglect, Care and Everlasting.

This is often how God speaks to me as I am still, now will you be still and let Him speak to you? I plan to practice what He has spoken to my heart today, hope this also has touched you in some way!

In Obedience To Him,



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