Posted by: Anita Montgomery | March 31, 2012


Little did I think when I woke up this morning, I would be writing another blog today. Two days in a row for me, is a new thing. I am wondering what God is trying to say to me? Well this is one thing He said this a.m., done, even before I got out of bed. I said “God, what am I done with, He clearly showed me”. And just as He did yesterday, He gave me a word/words to go with each letter again.

Here they are:

D – done
O – obedience and over
N – neglected and never
E – end

Wow! Do you think that got my attention, yep, it sure did. So I laid in bed and prayed, as He visually showed me what I was to end. So end I will, He said I was done.

I am praying about how to bring this to a close to be “done”, have you ever had to pray about being “done” with things too? Because the Holy Spirit has spoken this to my heart, I know I must be obedient and follow through. Is there anything in your life you need to follow through on too, ask Him, He will tell you.

If this word from God is just for me great, if I was to share it with you great, this is an act of obedience, so that is great too. God is Great!

If the Holy Spirit ever speaks the word “done” to your heart, I pray you can follow through too.

Bless you!

I am “done”,


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