Posted by: Anita Montgomery | April 11, 2012

A Tough Yesterday

Okay, so have you ever had one of those, a tough day? Well, mine was yesterday and rather than doing better, as I knew the right thing to do, I didn’t! I moaned and groaned on Facebook, which later was deleted, shame on me! After some spiritual direction from my dear husband and today more from our amazing pastor, that cared enough to call, after he had seen my post, God humbled me and brought me to my knees. So now I ask myself, why Anita, didn’t you get on your knees to begin with? Ever been there, I hope not, but I was. I let earthly emotions get the best of me.

So here I am not crying over spilled milk, so to speak, but rather sharing that my cup is now bubbling over! Why you ask, because I asked God to fill it up today, not only did HE fill it, it overflowed. My heart is straight now and even smiling inside! God even stitched up the wound HE saw and made it whole, after all HE can do anything, that is, if we remember to ask! Well yesterday I didn’t … are their going to be consequences, I don’t know, but it’s what I choose to do with them that will make a difference. Yes, I had a tough yesterday and a weak moment.

I will say, it is through that “weak moment” that I grew even more, I sought HIM more and HE heard and answered me, of course, why wouldn’t HE. After all, all we have to do is ask.

Today I have asked a lot, and HE has answered, I am so grateful.

Next time I won’t have that “knee jerk” reaction, instead I will get on my knees before HIM and put my “stuff” on HIS altar, walk away and leave it there. I know, sometimes easier said than done, but next time I am DOING IT. Anyone want to join me and leave your “stuff” at HIS altar too!? After all, God has a big enough altar for each of us to fill it. Wow! Just think of what a “garbage pile” HE would have if we all did that. Ya know, we just need to remember to dump it all, even though sometimes it is hard to do. But guess what I have a remedy, yep, I used that RX script today, oh so simple. So let me review!

Steps to Tough Days:

1. Get on our knees

2. Give God our “stuff”, our garbage

3. Seek Spritual Direction from your covering, be it your husband, your pastor or whomever the Holy Spirit leads you too.

4. Find a trusted friend to keep you accountable as needed, I have a few. I couldn’t do life, so to speak, without them!

Now how bout you, do you want to dump your junk along with me!?! Funny thing is, I just took out the garbage moments ago, not my normal job, but my hubby is recovering from double hip surgery. Tonight that can was really full, I said to my husband, wow, it’s really heavy tonight. He told me there was some extra junk in it. Ouch! Yep, you got it … I was reminded of “my stuff” that I should have dumped on God’s altar yesterday, but didn’t. Just like the garbage man, picks up our earthly garbage, God has said to me, “Anita, where’s your can, give your garbage to me”.

Well guess what, I am a visual person, so I plan to find a picture of a garbage can, yep you got it, and put it in a place as a daily reminder for me! That works!

Dumping my garbage nightly before I go to bed, how bout you? Are you ready to get out your can too!? Just a thought … none of us want any “stinky garbage” around now, do we!?!

Phewww …


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