Posted by: Anita Montgomery | April 18, 2012

Wednesday Wonderment!

As I have been praying this a.m., having some devotion time, deleting emails etc. the Lord spoke this to my heart. Keep blogging as I lead … okay God, I am already doing that.  He said to me, do more and with that I sipped my orange juice and went to take my vitamins from my little container, the kind with the days of the week. Well, I had to stop and think, what day is it, oh yeah, its Wednesday.  As I popped them in my mouth and sipped my juice, I clearly heard the Lord say “Wednesday Wonderment”. Okay God, what does that mean? He said look for the wonders in my day. So here I am … open to look and see what wonders He has just for me.

Here I am “wondering” right now?

Maybe you can join me in looking for the “wonders” in your day, after all He is a Wonderful God!  Amen!

Off to seek my wonders, maybe you’d like to seek yours too!?!



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