Posted by: Anita Montgomery | April 25, 2012

Prayer Journey Day #3

I promised God I would honor Him by the end of each day, with what HE is showing me on my 2 week prayer journey. As tired as I am, I will be obedient to do so, so here I go.

Here’s a recap of the past 3 days:

Day 1 … was my post I was beginning my prayer journey and why

Day 2 … was my devotion I posted confirming why

Day 3 … today is a post of what God has shown me thus far, I am to continue networking, He has made it perfectly clear as it has happened right here in Orlando the past 2 days, first at an HNI event and today at Expo

He has shown me being relational is vital, being transparent too, along with discipling/mentoring others, at a session for HNI this a.m. with Lee Grady, of Charisma.

I am ceased to be amazed, at how quickly HE is revealing, just what I have asked Him to do! Next step is asking Him just how this looks, what is His view of how I continue to move along, in His time and His way …

There’s still a bit of “static” on my channel, thus as I continue to pray I am asking Him to tune me in perfectly to His channel! So I wait with great anticipation as I move into day 4!

I know God is going to do more …

Anticipating in prayer,



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