Posted by: Anita Montgomery | April 26, 2012

Prayer Journey Day #4

As I continue in my prayer journey each day just keeps getting better, how awesome is that!

Today was truly one of “amazement”, it made me stand in awe of HIM. It also was a day of confirmation on “mentoring” pastor’s wives, praying about whether it’s to be more than that. Also praying for God to show me how to do this, pondering a “private FB group” with a limited few, God will direct what that # is to be.

It was also a day of “sifting” my FB post reads as follows:

“Emotionally whipped tonight, but a good whipped as God continues to “sift” me! I have a visual of an old fashioned flour sifter and that handle is being turned in my life, I am the flour that is being sifted thru, ouch! But once it’s done I pray I may be as smooth as silk, I like that! #beinghumbledbyhim”

This girl is tired and fried to a crisp, off to close my eyes and let HIM keep sifting me, even as I sleep.

Placing myself in His Sifter,



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