Posted by: Anita Montgomery | April 30, 2012

Prayer Journey Day #8

Today was a “peaceful journey” as I became still knowing He is God! The older I get the more I love my “still times”! That’s when I hear HIM the most.

I have 6 more days of my journey, but He is already touching my heart, oh, those very deep places, often the untouchable ones. Do you have any of those?

Today some of those places were touched, as my dear husband and I did some reflecting on this season in our lives, looking at just what God wants for us. After all, we need to be on His path, not ours.

I am taking out my compass more these days, as I don’t want to head the wrong way and with God leading, I know I never will.

For some reason I believe today is the day I am to summarize my journey a bit, so here goes in list form, those things He is directing me to do, not necessarily in order …

1. More times of “stillness” with My Heavenly Father, my earthly one too

2. Challenge myself in new ways, as I spend time with my best friend on earth, my husband

3. Create more ways to reach out to our family over the miles, adult children and grandchildren

4. Serve God in only the areas HE directs, not of my own flesh

5. Mentor Pastor Wives, Women in Ministry, etc. as He leads

6. Prayer as He directs

7. Waitng for the rest …

To be continued on Day 14 … as I continue to glean from Him!

Feeling blessed as I wait for the rest …

Trusting Him All the Way,


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