Posted by: Anita Montgomery | May 1, 2012

PWS … What Does That Mean!?!

So I am getting ready to crawl in bed and this is what the Lord speaks to my heart … post at least 3 things daily, 1 Positive, 1 Wise, 1 Simple

I know there are days it won’t always happen, but that sure can be a goal for this PW, Pastor’s Wife and then add the S and we have Pastor WiveS, so if any of you want to join me out in “Ministry Land” please feel free to do so, I’d so love that! We all just might be able to plant a few seeds, that can be watered, take root, grow, flourish, multiply and start over again! Anybody in!

It simple, let’s review:


So there ya go PWS, let’s have at it!

I’m ready to roll, that’s my newest goal, orders from headquarters!



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