Posted by: Anita Montgomery | May 2, 2012

Prayer Journey Day #10

Four more days to go and I am not sure they can get any better than today, it was just glorious! It truly was!

I felt like all areas of my life were lining up in perfect order, only God could give me that “introspective feeling”, one of great joy, one of great peace. Forever grateful for all He is doing and all He is showing me on this journey.

Today one of my new additions, I feel being confirmed is to write and/or blog even more. I love to communicate with the written word. I even believe God is calling me to write a book for our granddaughters, or do a separate blog for them. They are still a bit young, but one of them reads well now. Praying how this all might look, I want to leave a legacy for them, maybe this is a way to do so.

I would be remiss to not ask, who are you leaving a legacy for? And what will it look like?

I am blessed beyond measure on Day #10, hoping my joy in this journey will spill out onto others!

Time to end for the day and pray, after all that’s what this particular journey is all about!



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