Posted by: Anita Montgomery | May 6, 2012

Cocoon Time!

Little did I know I would be blogging again so soon, but here I am. Why? Because God keeps speaking to my heart. And if what I write, might encourage anyone else that might be reading it, then it was worth my transparency.

I feel I am being led into a “Cocoon Time”, a time of being protected as I continue to grow in, through and with God! There are some distractions in my life right now, that I need protection from. HE is the one that I trust to protect me along with my husband. He is my 2nd protector. For that I am so blessed and thankful.

As I just came out of my two week prayer journey little did I know, HE already has a plan for me.

I just found a great defintion of my cocoon time, I’d like to share:

To envelop or surround protectively; insulate:  i.e. a political leader cocooned by his staff and his bodyguards.

Off to my cocoon,



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