Posted by: Anita Montgomery | May 12, 2012

Sonshine + Sunshine!

To blog or not to blog today … the Lord said yes, so here I am.

Obedient again, in hopes this might help someone else out there reading this. I’ve been in a cocoon season and was unsure why, yesterday I figured it out. This whole week I have spent more time in the Sonshine of His Word than I have in ages, then, I also found myself being drawn to the Sunshine God created right here on earth!

I recall in the days we had pets, I often would see them laying right in the sun, enjoying each moment. Yesterday I did that too, 30 minutes of earthly sunshine after spiritual sonshine. My cocoon time called out to me. I felt like the Lord was saying it’s time, start crawling out … out I did. It felt good, yet I realized I was dragging and tired. After my 30 sunshine moments, I crawled back in that cocoon and slept for one whole hour. That is so not me, hmmm, what is gong on. Although I knew, I just had to face up to it. Face I did.

Back in 2004 I found myself in the midst of clinical depression, my serotonin was ever so low. I was on meds for many years, then off, then back on due to some other things in my life. Not long ago, I went off again, of course under the direction of my physician. Yesterday, reality set in, I must raise those levels again, either naturally or medically, as I recognized all the signs.

It is what it is, yet God gives us wisdom to move forward. Moving forward I am. I share this to encourage anyone else that might be reading this, to see His Sonshine/Sunshine too, if it will help you. Then next comes the wisdom of doctors, if we can’t do it alone. I am wise enough to know if and when that “next ” comes.

I am ready to get out of my cocoon and fly again, yet with boundaries, as that was my downfall the first time. I so give God thanks for those in my life that keep me accountable to do what I need to do, even if I am a work in progress.

Do you need his Sonshine/Sunshine for an area in your life, do you need wisdom and accountability? I know I do!

Today is a new day, I am soaking again in both types of Sonshine/Sunshine our God has provided for me, as I know Our Father Always Know Best!

I’m seeking my Father today, how bout you, who and what are you seeking? I can’t wait to get my life back in balance and just maybe turn into that beautiful butterfly for him again, I’m almost done cocooning!

I’m ready to fly, anyone want to fly with me!?!



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