Posted by: Anita Montgomery | May 18, 2012

An Emotional Day!

Many of you reading this know I am known for my transparency, that’s just how God made me and I sense uses me too! So here I go, believing some of what I might share before I crawl in bed, will touch someone(s) reading this. I want HIM to get the glory in all I write, it’s not about me!

The past 36 hrs. have been very emotional ones, I will just list a few reasons why:

1. We are watching my 88 year old Dad begin to lose his memory and become weaker, day by day.

2. I met with a precious friend today, that helps care for her mother and mother-in-law, that cared enough to help me understand what we might be facing, she is standing with me in prayer, bless her!

3. We had a wedding rehearsal this evening for a precious now adult that was a youth in our church plant many years ago, the wedding is tomorrow evening, my husband is honored to marry her. We shared dinner with the family tonight, oh so many memories, coupled with many emotions too, they are like family to us, so blessed!

4. My own Mom is so on my heart tonight, I truly believe she senses just what I feel right now, infact, I just posted a song, that was so near and dear to her heart … with tears in my eyes, I feel led to end this blog with that song, even though I will date myself.

With all this said, with each and every emotion, I know who is my rock and my fortress, God himself, for that I am ever so grateful! I give my Father all the thanks HE is due!

We have been having a week of rain here and the song I am about to share is entitled It’s Beginning to Rain … before listening, please open your hearts and let His Spirit reign on you. God bless you as you do!

Love His Reign/Rain!



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