Posted by: Anita Montgomery | June 19, 2012

Transparent Tuesday!

In my last blog I shared, depending on what day of the week the Lord leads me to blog, I will do so by a word he has given me for that day. Today happens to be “transparent”, so here I go. It’s Transparent Tuesday!

First let me say, anyone that knows me well, knows just how transparent I am, that’s just how God made me. It’s kind of like the phrase, what you see is what you get! So here is what you are getting it today!

As we all know life tosses each of us many curves, recently it tossed me one I have experienced before, the ugly “D” word, Depression. But the good news is I now recognize the symptoms and know what to do about them. For that I am grateful!

Often others don’t understand how depression looks or acts, so today’s goal is to give some insight into this. If you know someone battling depression, envision them with a bandage around their head, why? Because you can’t see what’s happening in their brain as if someone were to have a cast on a broken bone, or a scar recovering from surgery, etc. The brain is simply another organ like the heart, lungs, liver, etc. There are chemicals in that brain that often don’t function. Some have just the right about of chemicals, others may not. Unfortunately a doctor cannot extract that chemical to see how much is needed to bring the levels to where they need to be. As my doctor recently shared with me, you can do this for the diabetic and know just what they need, but not for depression. Thus, they call it the practice of medicine, they will try this and then that, until those chemical levels are where they need to be. With this said, please understand those of us dealing with the “D” are real people, encourage us, support us and pray for us just like you would with others that have defective organs, make sense? See, I told you I was transparent.

My little “mini mission” today is a simple one, one to help anyone reading this to have a better understanding of depression. Those of us that experience it also want to move forward and heal too.

For me personally, I trust my Great Physician and my earthly one to walk me through this time, and the good news is I know I will get there once again, just as I have in this journey before!

Forever grateful …


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