Posted by: Anita Montgomery | July 27, 2012

Fun Friday!

Not long ago, I felt the Lord say to me if He leads me to blog on Friday it’s to be about something “fun” … so here I go! It’s Fun Friday!

Often we are way to serious in our lives, I know, I can speak from experience. But I am working on that! Yep, I am! Have you ever seen the picture of Jesus laughing, I love that picture, it’s a great reminder for us to take time to laugh too!

While in Wisconsin for 10 days this month visiting our family there, I was reminded of just how to have “fun” over and over again. Our two granddaughters there, now 3 and 5, readily reminded me. We had so much fun together from morning to night! One time we giggled so hard, I had “happy tears”! Such sweet memories, most treasured and heartfelt ones!

I’m trying to teach myself to have fun daily and when Friday rolls around, it’s really a good reminder for me. Why? Remember it’s Fun Friday!

I challenge each of you today to find something to do that’s fun, I am!

Be creative, and remember Jesus laughed too!

Wishing y’all a day of fun!



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