Posted by: Anita Montgomery | April 8, 2013

I Have Been MIA

Okay folks, yep, I have been Missing In Action, so much so I am unsure if I can even remember how to blog. As most of you know I am so not a “techie”, but I am willing to try once again.  After all stretching is good, right!?!

Wow, where do I begin? Let me just say this, why am I back, someone I don’t even know well, but am on facebook with encouraged me to begin a blog. Little did she know I already had but for many reasons, way too long to list, I stepped back from it with the season of life I have been in. Yet after her ever so sweet comment, her encouragement and confirmation from others, I am willing to give it the good ole college try, so to speak once again! After all, when God nudges you through someone else, then confirms it through others, that calls for obedience. So here I am, even on a day that is filled with things “to do”! Yet I have realized, our “do to” list is a choice and often ask God what do you want me to have on that list today, well need I say more, as here it is, in it’s humblest form.

I do not want to make this long, as I can follow up again soon but there are many reasons I gave this up, the biggest one being “priorities” in my life, that will probably be the title of my next blog!

Let me end with this, have any of you been MIA in areas of your life, if so, why? Feel free to leave a comment here if you would like!

God bless and may you have a Marvelous, Merry Monday!

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

Happy to no long be MIA, thanks to a sweet friend that shared out of obedience with me!




  1. I thank God you have followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to restart your blog. Your topic speaks to my heart. For almost two years, since my husband walked away from our marriage, I not only had to deal with this, but with multiple health challenges. Then loneliness, when my daughter left for out of state college. I became, MIA from life, living an isolated life and have been surviving by the grace of God, knowing He is my strength and my refuge. His love, mercy and grace has sustained me. The verse you used is so true. I know living isolated is not Gods plan for us and I know He will see me through. God bless you and continue to share what God puts in your heart.

    • Thanks for sharing your heart and know I will pray for you on your present journey. There is a line in a talk at a retreat we have been part of for years that states “an isolated Christian is a paralyzed Christian” with what you shared, I thought this might speak to your heart. Thanking God for his continued love, mercy and grace just for you! Prov. 3:5-6 comes to my heart for you. Bless You! Thanks for your encouragement to me in continuing to share what God puts on my heart too!

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