Posted by: Anita Montgomery | May 13, 2013

Mother Moments

So many “mother moments” today … very heartfelt ones! Just to mention a few, reflecting on my mom celebrating her day in heaven, enjoying pictures sent this a.m. from our children half way around the world, blessed with a conversation with one of my daughter-in-loves, another conversation with one of our sons, messages from so many friends and on and on. Blessed, yes!

I had many mom moments today that had me pause and reflect on my life, past . present . future. oh, so special ones! That brings me to this, we need to treasure each and every one of those moments and never take one, no not even one for granted, but rather keep building on them all!

I see this wall before me with bricks … each brick has been carefully laid, but the wall is not finished. You ask why, because our life as a mom is not finished and won’t be until Our Father calls us to heaven. I don’t know about you, but I want to keep building that wall, one brick at a time, laying it in place and filling in the spaces with mortar just as God would have me to do.

So you ask me, what are you talking about … I am talking about, investing in others as we build, sharing “mom moments” with them, each person we invest in is a brick in our life. It could be a daughter, in my case daughter-in-loves, it could be your own mother or someone elses, it could be a friend, and I could go on and on. All I know is God has told me to keep building my wall and I can’t wait to see just how he helps me and who the bricks in my life will be, I thank him I already have some.

How about your bricks, whom are you investing in as you build your wall for him?

Thanking  God for those “mom moments” and for those bricks he has put in my life too …

Off to build,



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