Posted by: Anita Montgomery | June 22, 2013


Wow, this title could encompass many things, but the one I will concentrate on today is “Grace” as that is the word on my heart. First let’s define grace, in the Christian life grace has been defined as “the love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it. With that stated we know “grace” is a free gift for each of us.

How we use it becomes the challenge, often none of us are very good at it, including me. Yet it should be a part of our everyday life, it should be natural. How often do we use that love and mercy as a Christian with others, I have been asking myself that question a lot recently.

Let me get personal here by tossing out some examples, not necessarily in any order,  just as they flow from my heart.

1. family

2. friends

3. public places

4. church

You might say, wow, that’s a pretty wide scenario, yes it is, as we need to take “grace” with us everywhere! Think about that, how often do we need to pull out our “grace card” and use it, yet we don’t … oops! Since I am visual I think of the game Monopoly, a game most of us are familiar with, do you remember the cards that stated … “get out of jail free” or “advance to go” well something like that. How bout we have “grace cards”, we need to help others get free from their stuff just like ours, helping them advance into His Kingdom, but we can’t do that without pulling out our “grace cards” just for them. I see my forehead stamped with “guilty” for the times I have failed to exhibit God”s grace, love and mercy towards others. Recently I have been reminding myself it’s a “must” to use my “grace card” with some of my life situations, but often it is so hard, yet I am up for that challenge!

God keeps stretching me and reminding me, HE gave me that free gift and I am to pass it on. How bout you, do you ever find yourself in these situations, if so if you are visual like me pull out your card. I just might make up some and tuck them in places to remind me, my purse, the dashboard of my car and other places too, just a thought!

If any of you reading this want to join me on my grace journey, I’d be delighted! The more the merrier, let’s do it for HIM! It’s a win/win!



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