Posted by: Anita Montgomery | June 28, 2013

Change Is Coming …

Yikes, this above title and thought came out of no where as I was doing some things here this a.m., so as always I stopped to be obedient to blog. Guess you are stuck with me now, at least for a few minutes, lol!

In my spirit yes, the Lord is speaking to me “change is coming” get ready. I am sitting here pretty much clueless right now, although he has been speaking a couple things to our hearts, hubby and mine, and something else to me specifically. If it is a go, I will share the latter later. Wow, now that was a mouthful!

Let’s me ask each of you reading this for a moment, how do you deal with change, do you have change coming in your life? Or maybe you are sensing it, just like I am.

My next steps will be simple ones, here are a few …

1. Trust

2 Believe

3. Listen

4. Pray

5. Seek the Father

6. Be sensitive to His Spirit

7. Wait for confirmation ( personally I like 3, that works best for me)

That’s it in a nutshell for today, but I know without a doubt I can feel that change in the making, hmmm, wondering just how it will look!?!

Praying for any of you feeling a change too, let’s work through my above list together.

Excited as I do …




  1. Wow!!! This is for me. I just prayed last night for The Lord to open my eyes. I feel change is coming and although I don’t take to change well, I know in my spirit that change is coming. Thank you.

    • You are so welcome, please know I will be praying for you Marie and your change that is coming too. Bless you!

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