Posted by: Anita Montgomery | August 31, 2013

Hearing God …

As I woke up this morning, I felt something different in my spirit. I let it sit there, but suddenly it is a must that I blog. Whatever I am feeling inside is a very strong feeling. Maybe you also have experienced this same feeling.

The reason I know this is straight from God is I have a sense of urgency to share this. My husband and I have a jam packed day as we prepare to leave on a trip, but God said, put me first and write for me. So I am being obedient.

My heart was super troubled last night, but I am the only one that can do something about it. Thus, I am sharing what I am hearing from God and the next steps I sense he is directing me to take.

The past seven weeks in my life have been the most difficult ones ever. My husband and I have gone through many trials, one right after another, when we go through trials God’s word tells us to count it all joy. The problem is I am having trouble doing that, I am just being honest here. I feel the Holy Spirit stirred in my heart today and told me why. Here are some of the whys.

1. I must only trust God, not people. People let you down every time. It’s a fact of life, we are all human and we let others down, I know I have too. We aren’t  perfect, just forgiven.

2. I must have only a few friends, even Jesus gathered just a few, and we know the betrayal he went through.

3. I must keep my priorities right starting this very day, nothing more, nothing less. In this order, God, my husband, my family, then all else follows.

4. I must start each day faithfully with him, sometimes I slip. I love my quiet time with him, be it through his word that’s the best, devotions, music to praise and worship, and prayer of course.  Just whatever works best for you.

5. I must limit social media, I must confess I have spent way to much time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc., shame on me. I also know these social tools can sometimes affect me in a negative way. I see things I would not prefer to see, therefore I am going to take responsibility and limit my time more and more, as well as pray about who I should be connected with in these media sources. I know God will direct me. Interestingly, as I was ready to post this blog and in the proofing stage now, my husband just asked me if I knew what two social apps male spouses dislike the most, he was reading an article in USA Today. I guessed and was right, you can probably get them right too. Yep, Facebook and Pinterest, I think God is trying to speak very clearly to me now. I love God incidences.

6. I must do a better job of taking care of me, I am learning, but am not there yet. Areas I personally am working on are setting boundaries, i.e. sometimes my gift of mercy gets me in trouble, I over give. That’s just one example. I love to create, I have a desire to write, it’s time to allow myself the opportunity to do these things. My husband and I are working on our health, going to the gym regularly, eating healthier, etc. These are just a few of my things, you will have some of your own and they will fit what works best for you.

7. I must begin NOW, this is exactly what God is showing me. We’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Today it is and I know with God he will give me the strength to proceed, forever grateful and thanking him ahead! Praising him too!

What are you hearing God say to you today?

I love being still and knowing he is God and listening too, how bout you?

Trusting him as I move forward, I know you will too.



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