Posted by: Anita Montgomery | January 30, 2014

Moving Forward Part 3

Today is the day I have chosen to close the chapter of my past hurts with friends, as my dear father made his Journey to Jesus, one that never should have played out as it did. If you read the my blogs from the past 2 days, Part 1 & Part 2, then this will all make sense, if not, please do so before reading this blog.

The good news is I was with Dad for 6 hours that day, until the nurse suggested I leave and get something to eat and get some rest. She assured me they would call when it was time for me to come back, that call never came as explained in the first two parts of this Moving Forward blog.

I will never forget as I left that day, I kissed dad as I always did, told him I loved him and if we didn’t see each other again, we would see each other in heaven. I also said dad, I know you love me too and just can’t give me my kiss. He always kissed me good-bye each time we visited, and told me he loved me before I left. I have that precious memory to hang on to, little did I know, I would never get a chance to be with him again before he made his heavenly journey.

In the days that followed many decisions had to be made, again as many of you know, others took some of those decisions out of our hands. But there are some things they could not take and those are the things I must hang on to for the rest of my life here on earth and will.

Each month the VA has a memorial service in-house for those that have passed. That month there were 3. We were honored to be a part of the service and display Dad’s picture. It was special and the chaplains that participated honored each of our loved ones in a very special way.

At the end of the service they asked if any family members wanted to share, I had that God nudge to get right up and did so. I did it to honor both my earthly Father and Heavenly Father too. The most important part of my sharing was when I looked out at all the family members there and said, if my Dad would want me to share anything at all it would be this … “If you don’t know Jesus this very day, it’s never to late to invite him into your heart, so you will be in heaven too”. I paused and looked at each person, there was a hush over the group there, I was just still and knew He was God. It was one of those God moments. I shared a few sentences before and after that, but it was that sentence that was the important one.

After the service, my husband said to me, “Anita, did you notice the family in front of us, I said no not really.” He said they did not stand up and participate in any way in the service. After I thought about it, I realized he was right, they were very non emotional too. If what I shared was just for them, then God was honored and my dad too. God got all the glory.

The 2 chaplains and one of the gentleman that works on a floor, came to me later, one of them with tears in his eyes and thanked me for what I had shared, how kind of them to do so.

That day was a special one and there was another special one too. That was when we honored both of my parents with my Uncle Don, my mother’s brother that is a pastor in IL, doing a celebration and committal service for their ashes. All my mom’s siblings were there, except for one of her sisters already in heaven, some cousins too, along with a few precious friends. My dad’s siblings were no longer living and some of my cousins on his side were unable to join us.

It was extra special as none of my mother’s family could come for the service here, it truly helped them to have closure. It was such a God time, one that shall be in my heart always.

My Dad wanted us to celebrate with a meal afterwards and dance too. How sweet is that. Well the dancing didn’t happen, but the meal sure did. Family and friends were blessed and honored to know their meal was on Bill’s bill, those were the keys words when they ordered. Dad would have been so happy, mom would have too, well I am sure they were smiling right down on us all.

After the celebration dinner Jack and I were blessed to return to the grave site. What happened as we were driving up, only God could orchestrate. One of my Dad’s favorite songs was “As a Deer Panteth for the Water”. All of a sudden what did we see, but a Daddy, Mommy and babies walk out of the trees behind my parent’s grave moving slowly along to another part of the cemetery. I truly believe that the Lord was right there in our midst with all the deer. What a God moment that truly was, I was even able to quickly snap a picture. That picture will be a life long memory.

Yes, I am moving forward, just like God would want me to do. I have forgiven, my wounds have healed and I don’t want to look back, but only forward to what each day holds until the day, I too, make that journey to my heavenly home. What a great day that will be!

I pray this has touched someone’s heart that is reading this. I pray you are moving forward in whatever journey you might be in too. I am.

Thank you for taking time to hear my story, my journey of forgiveness and hope that I know is on the horizon as I close this chapter of 6 months in my life and move forward.

Til’ next time,

~Anita Montgomery


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