Posted by: Anita Montgomery | February 18, 2014

Homeless … With No Church

Never in my life did I think I would blog about being “homeless” with a church that is, and I am sure any of you reading this, that know me, would agree.

In my quiet time this morning, I realize God is calling me to step up with boldness, in areas, he is really speaking to my heart.

My whole life I have lived in a “compliant mode” it started in my childhood and continued into adulthood. But now I feel a call to speak forth on some of the things God is showing me. If I don’t, who will?

Yes some of my posts in the days ahead might be tough ones, but as a part of the body of Christ I believe there are huge lessons to be learned. In the days ahead I want to share some of them, things I have personally walked through that might help others reading this and speak to their hearts too.

One of Webster’s definitions of boldness is, showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit, that pretty much describes my heart at the present.

Yesterday after much prayer, I was led to post a status on Facebook that took a lot of courage on my part. But as I prayed I felt a peace to do so. Briefly I shared after being in ministry 30+ years, we were finding it hard to find a church home. Most people would be quite amazed at this, some of our peers that have previously retired from ministry, would not be.

I have my own thoughts, as to why it is difficult for the leadership and worshippers in some churches to accept those of us that have gone before, but why not take the time to hear their hearts, and never assume. Assumptions always get us in trouble. I know that and I am sure you do too.

I just had this thought, I wonder what Jesus would think if he knew of this dilemma. Hmmm …

My husband and I just want to be real people and humble ourselves before God, using the gifts he has given us when appropriate, in the body of Christ. We desire to share God’s love with others inside and outside the church. That’s who we are, always have been and always will be. Just plain ordinary people, after all isn’t that who Jesus was too?He walked among the crowds reaching out to others and sharing as he was led.

Wherever we are my husband and I love to share as God leads us, that’s who we are and always will be, whether it is out at dinner, beachside, in a grocery store, or whatever the case might be.

So my question is a bold one. If you are a pastor and wife reading this, are you willing to welcome former pastors and wives into your midst, are you willing to let them be who they are and use their gifts to build up God’s kingdom?If you a worshiper of a church, are you willing to accept others that have been in ministry to hang with you and love on you too?

You may not like what I am about to say, but it needs to be stated. Often the world gets it better than we do as Christians, we are often the easiest to judge without even taking the time to listen, before we assume.

Do we come with excess baggage, just like others out there, yes we do. This last year of our lives was the toughest ever, yet God has shown us much grace as we have moved forward with Him. We are no different than anyone else, speaking for myself, I am very real, transparent and willing to share my stuff to help others work through theirs. After all, we learn from one another.

To be honest when we visit churches, we walk in the door as real people just like anyone reading this. We prefer even after a few visits to not share what our past has been, as way too often, it is then that the welcome flag is removed and a wall is put up. If asked what did you do, of course we will be honest.

The good news is we are on a journey and a mission for God, we will never give up until HE calls us to heaven.

If you are reading this today, know how much God loves you, how much I love you too, enough to be bold so that someone like us might be able to find a place to call home here on earth, until we reach our eternal home in heaven.

We will love you and pray for you, I promise, that’s just who we are. We will support you 100% too, as we know how much it meant for others to support us.

Thank you for hearing my heart of boldness, the newness he has put in me, with a topic that is usually not shared. It is hidden away while many former pastors and wives, ones that have served others for years, shepherding and loving the sheep, are now the ones that have been put out to pasture, so to speak, grazing alone on the word.

My prayer is for the body of Christ, that we would all do a better job of understanding and receiving not just those that have been in ministry, but those that feel unloved and hopeless. There are so many that are just waiting for a place to call home. I pray I can help them find it, but first I must find my home here on earth, so that I might invite them.

In pursuit of it even as I write.

Til’ next time …
~Anita Montgomery


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