Posted by: Anita Montgomery | May 21, 2014

It’s A New Season

Yes, it’s a new season in my life!

Lots has changed since my last post, more than I could ever share in this one blog. You will get these changes in bits and pieces as the days ahead unfold. As you do I pray what I share, just might touch someone reading this, if so, then I am grateful for following the Holy Spirit’s nudge to begin blogging again.

It has been three months since my last blog, two of those months were recently spent in Bali with part of our family, that is where God truly began speaking to my heart about so many things. Today, I will share one of them.

As I was waking up one morning, yes I love to lay awake in bed and let God talk to me. That particular morning I heard his spirit speak this to my heart … “waves of change are coming”. I asked myself what does this mean, I just laid there in silence.

Later that day we were walking by the beach, it was then that it hit me as I watched the powerful waves rolling in one by one. Some were huge, some smaller, some intense, some not. In my heart I knew each wave God was showing me would be very different. Some might even go right over me soaking me from head to toe. Some might just splash in my face a little. God was ready to bring many changes to my life, some huge, some not so much. I knew my Heavenly Father was speaking to my heart, I stood still and simply listened.

How often do we stand beach side, or wherever your spot is to listen to God. In this busy world we often forget to do that, I know I do.

I learned a lot that day and am now ready to begin applying it to this new season of my life.

Stay tuned, in some of my upcoming blogs I will share some of my “waves of change.”

Would you do me a favor after you read this, find your quiet spot, be still and know that HE is God. Take time to let HIM speak to your heart. I feel HE has something special to say to you.

Til’ next time …
Anita Montgomery


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