Posted by: Anita Montgomery | August 29, 2014

Being Still

As I sit here early this morning and listen to what God has to say to me, I believe he wants me to share it with you, so here I am.

“Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” Psalm 46:10

In my quiet time today, I believe God is calling me to a time of “stillness”. I am not totally sure why, but I do have some thoughts I will share.

1. To have more time to listen to him.

2. To be more sensitive to all around me.

3. To let him take me to new places in my life, as I create.

For me to be still will require a lot, as I am very social, most of you reading this know that. But for a season, I believe he has a lot to say to me, a lot of things to show me visually and then take what I hear and see to help me create in yet new ways. I am very excited about this.

Often we take the sensory part of what God created in us for granted. For me personally, right now this is being taken to a new level, one in which I will use my ears, my eyes and my sense of touch. I truly believe this will take my Heartfelt Creations Made With Love and Prayer business/ministry to a whole new place too. I have no idea what God is doing, but what I do know is I trust him, as he allows me to create for his purposes.

If you have not yet checked out my Facebook page with items I have begun to create, feel free to do so, if you are led too. You can like it and receive notifications and encourage others too also. I am not a techie, so don’t expect it to look like this amazing business, but rather a small humble beginning, just where God has called me to be.

As I began this blog, I had no idea I would even bring up what I am doing in this season of my life, but this where God has led me this morning.

As you read this today, let me ask you this question, where does God have you right now in your life, does he want to take you to a new place? Hmmm…maybe a thought for you to ponder.

Back to the scripture I started with, I chose that translation as indeed, he is honored by every nation and throughout the world. And me, I am just a small speck on his globe, one desiring to be used in whatever way he chooses. That is my life long goal, one that won’t end until he calls me to eternity.

Dear Father … my desire is to honor you this very day as I am still and listen to what you have to say. Teach me to listen, to see and create in ways that I can’t even imagine, I am placing myself in your hands. Amen.

Til’ next time,
Anita Montgomery



  1. Be blessed Anita!!!!

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