Posted by: Anita Montgomery | September 29, 2014

Heartfelt Creations

Hmmmm … some of you may not know about what God has led me to do, so today I am sharing with each of you, that follow me.

Some months back I created a Facebook Page called “Heartfelt Creations Made With Love and Prayer”, if you are ever interested, you can check it out.

But that’s not the message I want to put forth in the blog, but rather this one, by asking a simple question. What talent do you have and are you using it for HIM?

My mini testimony … for over 30 years I collected “little goodies” here and there to create some day, that day never came. Some goodies I gave away, some I kept. I began using those goodies to make little gifts of love to send to our grandchildren. That journey began my desire to create for others too.

So back to my question, are you using your talent for HIM? This little page has opened the door, to ask God to show me what to custom create when asked too, or just create from my heart and share what I have made. Either way, I am super excited as I ask God to use my hands and pray as I do, for the creation and the person receiving it.

I was asked to make “flip flops” for a retreat coming up this weekend and to share at this retreat too, I am past honored and blessed to have this privilege.

Recently, I was also asked to teach a little craft class at Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center here in our area. I will be doing this once a month. I am excited about how God will use what he has put in my heart and hands to do this.

I get the blessing as I create, it is heartfelt therapy for me.

So now you know, not only do I have a blog called “Heartfelt Thoughts” but also a Facebook page, called “Heartfelt Creations”. I had to add the love and prayers, as the shorter version was already being used. I love that I was led to add the rest, as that’s exactly what God has me doing!

What talent has God given you, are you using it for HIM and HIS kingdom here on earth!?!

I am past blessed to use mine and God gets the glory each time!

Til’ next time …
Anita Montgomery



  1. God bless you Anita 🙂 ❤ love you

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