Posted by: Anita Montgomery | October 16, 2014

Closing A Chapter

Today is a day I am to blog.

I just felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit in my heart … “Anita, today is a day to close a chapter in your life.” I am praying for God to direct my steps as I do this. It will be a hard chapter to close, almost 30 years worth, yet it is something that needs done.

I am posting this, so maybe it will encourage someone else.

As I continue to heal from past hurts, seeing things on Facebook, opens old wounds. Wounds that do not need opened. I am a “forgiver” one that does so, sometimes right on the spot. But “forgetting” is a whole other thing. Thus, I need to close this chapter. It will mean I need to make some changes on Facebook. I cannot let my mercy gift overcome my need to do what is best for my heart and my soul.

We are away right now as I write this. I am asking God to help me take this step, before our arrival home. I know he will, as I stand on his word in Proverbs 3:5-6.

As I make this change, is there anything any of you reading this need to make too? If so, God will help you. I know often this is a hard thing to do, but for me it is the right thing.

Bless you!

Til’ Next Time,
~Anita Montgomery



  1. Anita, God bless you sweetie !!!

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