Posted by: Anita Montgomery | February 4, 2015

Pursuing My Dreams!

Just moments ago, I had a friend ask me if I was still going to blog. My reply was that is something I am praying about and usually do so if I feel that Holy Spirit nudge. Just moments later I saw this. Now to see if I can add it here. Hmmm … most of you know I am not very techie. In fact, when I just opened this to blog, to write, Word Press has changed. One more new learning curve for me. But that’s a good thing as I continue to pursue my dreams.



Interestingly little does the friend know, not only do I love to create, but write too. Although I am not a gifted writer, but rather one that speaks truly from the depth of my heart. So here goes!

My dreams line up with my priorities, actually I just posted this on Facebook the other day. Again, you all know, those that follow me here, that I am very transparent, honest too.  I share that most humbly, I truly do. God first, family, friends, then the rest follows and not necessarily in this order, as it changes daily. Prayer, creating, encouraging others, and today I believe I am to add writing to my list.

Here is why, years ago my husband encouraged me to write a book. I have journal after journal I could draw from. I also have always had the desire to write books with my granddaughters, letting them illustrate with me too. While in Wisconsin with them recently, we actually wrote a funny book about Three Adventures! What fun we had!

As I am off to pursue my dreams, how about you!?! What are your dreams? Feel free to comment here if you would like. I would love to encourage you, and pray for you and your dream(s) too.

Have a “Dreaming Kind of Day”!  I am!

Til’ next time …
Anita Montgomery

P.S. Most of you know I am a Tinkerbell fan too, yes, I have my own personal container of “pixie dust”!


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