Posted by: Anita Montgomery | February 24, 2015


Little did I know I would blog today as it’s a full one. But sometimes that’s exactly when I feel a blog spilling out of my heart. Today I sensed this word popping out at me over and over again, so here I go!

CHANGE … then I began getting a word for each letter, I will share each one.

C … Change.
H … Halt.
A … Anonymous.
N … Never go back.
G … Go for it.
E … Exit.

Wow, that’s all I can say. I believe this is totally for me. However, I felt I would share this as a blog. Thus, I can come back to it. Also only those that choose to follow my blog, read it. That’s makes it a bit more personal for me too. It’s kind of like my diary of years ago, when I was a young child, and journals since that time.

Blogging helps me keep myself accountable too, as I go back and read them here.

God has me right in the midst of huge “Changes”.  And that’s a good thing for me, as it is helping me keep my priorities right where they need to be.

So with that said, I am following exactly what each letter of the word CHANGE represents here. I have come to a HALT with many things in my life, probably the best example of all, one most of us can relate too is FACEBOOK. I have totally chosen to use this technology tool in a whole new way. ANONYMOUS, many of my changes no one will ever know about, as some are very private, yet things God is so convicting me to do, for that I am so grateful. NEVER go back, that’s a biggie for me, as so much has happened in the past in my life. I am talking about years. I am doing my best to never go back and revisit them, although this is often very hard for me. Just being real here. GO for it, yes, that’s just what I am doing, really going for it by following through! EXIT, this a huge for me, God is having me exit from many things in my life. Why you might ask, because with some of my past health conditions, depression, anxiety etc., HE has made it clear as I keep my priorities right and exit from other things, even more healing will come. I am so excited about this. I have waited a very long time. My doctor and I just had this conversation days ago. Between the Great Physician and my Medical One, I am blessed!

If you need a CHANGE in your life, maybe my word analogies will encourage you. I plan to write this on a note card, put it near me and carry it in my heart too. I am a visual learner, God and I will be on this, here I go!

Until next time …


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