Posted by: Anita Montgomery | July 26, 2015

It’s Been A Long Time …

Yes, it’s been a very long time since I have blogged here. But today I feel a God nudge to do so, so here I am.

I think my last blog may have been titled “Change”. Since then many changes have taken place in my life, most of them in a very personal way.

I will simply touch on a few, doing so may encourage someone reading this. I am not even going to read my last blog, as I don’t want it to affect my thoughts I am ready to share here. I am clueless what I even said. So here goes …

Change can look different to each of us, to me most of my changes have been emotional ones involving the way I look at life and choose to do it too. Let me just list a few, less friends, only close trusted ones, other than for social, fun reasons. Less time spent with social media. I am still in the process of the way I am doing this. Enjoying my new life style of my essential oil journey, making new friends along the way as I do and doing some outreach there too. Reviewing my Heartfelt Creations Made With Love and Prayers journey, trusting God and giving thanks as I do. Asking God to show me just how and when to blog here, sharing my Heartfelt Thoughts As He Leads. Allowing God to heal some deep wounds of my past, the key for me has been forgiveness and total release. Seeking a new church home, which God graciously connected us too. Keeping my priorities in order, God, Family, Friends and all the rest follows.

Now testify a bit how this has worked for me, to encourage anyone reading this. God has ever so graciously put a dear friend in my life from when we lived here years ago. He has put friends in my life for fun girl times too. I have stepped back from Facebook, by forming a group of close friends I check on as led and sometimes scroll through the rest. I rarely do Twitter anymore. I do need to share I have a Pinterest Addiction as a crafter, lol! I am working on this too. I love reaching out to my essential oil friends and let them speak into my life. God’s creation of plants where oils can be extracted and used in other ways, has truly helped me with my anxiety, depression and in other areas too. I have discovered my favorite thing to do with creating is taking custom orders. I am blessed to pray as I create them and let God direct my hands as I do. The more I have put my wounds on his altar, the more healing that has taken place. Are there scars, yes, but those scars are my reminder of how I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and how all things have worked together for good. Phil. 4:13 and Roman 8:28, his word never returns void. Our new church home is past perfect for my husband and I. The servant’s hearts there are so precious. The 80 nations that make up the church are too. Yes, God has been faithful in these past months, his grace is amazing.

A few last thoughts, I want to thank my sister – in- love Jean for sharing she missed reading my blogs. She was a nudge to get me going again. Also it was 2 years ago, last Sunday, that my dear precious dad made his journey to heaven to join my dear precious mom, that was a difficult time for me. Being able to blog helped me a lot. Thanks to each of you for understanding as I share many thoughts. Some which I probably should not have, but I was wounded and did so. God has forgiven me for that too.

As I close this blog today, it is with a heart full of joy, as we soon will be spending 3 awesome weeks in WI with our family. As God would have it, our son from Bali just happened to have a business trip there, our granddaughter accompanied him. They arrived yesterday and in a few days we will be with them all. Family, time with adult kids and 4 precious treasures we call grandchildren. God always knows just what we need and when we need it. So I close with a very happy heart. I pray for each of you and whatever it takes for you to have a happy heart too.

May God richly bless anyone reading this and encourage you to always do what works for you. I did, still am and have a great husband and trusted friends keeping me accountable along the way.

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust! Maybe that will be my next blog, one that will give you even more insight into me! 😉

Til’ Next Time …


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